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Today I took a huge leap and turned in my resignation at the most amazing place I have ever worked so that I will be able to stay home and care for my three littles. It was intense. Have you ever quit a job you loved before… because I haven’t. Usually I’m turning in my notice after weeks of daydreaming how to tell someone to shove it, so this was a bit surreal. I have worked with my current employer for the better part of a decade. They have seen me through the purchase of my first home, my wedding and the birth of my children all while offering unwavering support and opportunities to advance my career. Simply put, they have become my family over the years.  

I wasn’t sure how to actually go about doing it… but cake makes all things better right? So yeah. I present to you my quit cake:IMG_6739


Aside from a four month unemployment stint after a corporate downsizing I have worked my entire life. The moment I was able to obtain a worker’s permit as a kid I got my first job and never looked back. In college I went to school full time, worked a job and worked an internship. I’ve seriously just never NOT worked so this is going to be a huge adjustment but I am SO EXCITED. My daughter is almost four and my twins are almost two and I feel like I have missed out on a lot being away from them during the days. Now we will have the opportunity to go on adventures together, to get more active in my local Mom’s Club and to start planning for homeschooling. It’s going to be crazy but well worth it. Here’s to my new life as a SAHM!


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