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Recently I was contacted by Heather Von St. James and alerted to the fact that March 20th-26th , 2016 is Poison Prevention Week. Heather is like a lot of us. She is a wife and a mother trying to live every day to its fullest. Where she differs from most of us is that she is also a 10+ year survivor of a rare but preventable cancer called Mesothelioma (you can learn more about her and her miraculous journey HERE). Her cancer was caused by exposure to asbestos as a child and part of her mission now is to alert others of the potentially toxic substances around our homes that we may not even be aware are harmful.

The subject of cancer is one that many tread lightly upon. Whether we like it or not, these days it seems that everyone has some sort of tie in when cancer is involved. There are certain external factors and materials that we expose ourselves to everyday, sometimes even without realizing it, that can cause cancer down the road. The goal of Poison Prevention Week is to raise awareness of the risk of being exposed to these household products, medicines, pesticides, plants, fumes, etc.

She, along with The Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance, have compiled the infographic below and asked me to share it in the hopes that we will keep an eye out for these toxins within our homes and do our best to spread the word! You can also learn more about Mesothelioma specifically HERE.


Poison_Prevention Toxin Chart



Considering the potential for long term consequences from toxins also got me thinking about poison control on a more acute level. Is EVERY ingestible item that could be hazardous to my children in my home locked up? No. Do I know the telephone number to Poison Control should any of us accidentally ingest something we shouldn’t have? No. So I decided to spend some time over at and to learn more. There I found another helpful infographic with data and tips to use to help keep my family safer.



Poison Control Graphic




It’s a lot to digest (no pun intended) but all of these sites are worth a read and I’m thankful to Heather for the alert. Here’s to safer homes and healthier families for us all!


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