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Last year was the first Valentine’s Day that any of my kiddos would be in a program where Valentines would be exchanged. I was excited (and maybe a bit overzealous) at the thought of crafting something up to give out. What I decided on making were little felt envelopes with the recipient’s name hand embroidered on it and each one stuffed with stickers. I’m not anti-candy by any means… but my kids become demons as soon as sugar hits their blood and so when I KNOW they will be inundated with sweets I generally opt for a candy-free option to try and level the playing field.




They weren’t even that involved but good grief did they take a long time to make. I spent my lunch break and evenings for several days finishing them up and I just BARELY got them completed in time. And do you know what happened? DO YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED? My kid’s teacher didn’t even pass them out. She passed out everyone else’s Valentines but when it came to ours, she just totally forgot. So not only was all of that work pointless, we looked like the only jerks who hadn’t sent our kid to school with something to give out. When I got home from work and my husband told me what had happened time froze. I wanted to set everything on fire and put my fist through a wall but instead I just broke down in tears. I am aware that it was a total overreaction but MAN WAS I MAD.


So when I sat down to decide what we would be giving out this year I opted for simplicity. I still wanted to give out a unique, candy-free token but it needed to be cheap and more than anything it needed to be EASY. I searched through the party favors section of a big box store and some cute little kiddo sunglasses caught my eye. I bought them, drafted up a corny Valentine’s card to slap them onto and voila!

Valentine Sunglasses

If you want to do the same this Valentine’s Day I’ve made a free printable PDF of the card available HERE. Simply print it out on your choice of paper or card stock, cut it out, mark it for and cut the holes to run your sunglass arms through and label them!


I hope you enjoy and Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours!


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