Madsen Bike Ride

Let me just start by saying that my husband is a saint. For about a year now I have been pining for a Madsen Cycle. I wrote briefly about my ultimate decision to buy one a short time ago and I began saving for it, but I honestly felt like I would never reach that goal. He and I would talk about the bike fairly often. I follow Madsen Cycle’s social media accounts and would melt at the pictures of the cute kiddos getting carted around by their parents and start blabbering on about how that was going to be us one day and he ever so kindly humored me.

Fast forward to Christmas morning and I walk out of my bedroom to this…

Madsen Bike Christmas

My eyes about popped out of my head. I believe the first words out of my mouth were “WHAT THE F**K DID YOU DO?!” Not exactly a classy response, but in my defense it was 5am and I was still half asleep and not entirely sure what was going on yet. Although I had been pestering him for months to buy me one for Christmas or our upcoming anniversary (“You know, I hear the 5th anniversary is the cargo bike anniversary”) it was ALWAYS in jest. We have a $50.00 spending limit on gifts for each other so unless this was to be my gift for the next 44 birthdays, Christmases and Anniversaries I knew it wasn’t going to happen. At least, I thought I knew.

A bit of back story: We were robbed about a year and a half ago and all of his power tools were stolen from our shed. He really enjoys woodworking and building things so it was a huge blow. We thought about filing an insurance claim but since most of his tools were older and bought off craigslist it just didn’t make sense to file a claim, deal with the huge deductible and then try and find the same discount tools again. Instead, he swallowed the loss and began saving for new, good quality tools that would hopefully last a lifetime.  He saved that year and a half and spent virtually no money on himself that entire time save for a few cups of coffee and a book or two. And just as he had saved up enough to get the tools he has been wanting all this time… he decided to spend what he had on the bike for me (did I mention he was a saint?!?!). I’m still reeling. I don’t deserve him or the bike but I’m incredibly thankful for both!

To say that the kids love the Madsen is an understatement. Although the boys haven’t been able to ride in it yet since their helmets are still on order, they all demand to sit in it and play in the bucket. I have taken it out to ride on my own several times and once with my daughter in tow and it’s super fun to ride. It is a lot easier to handle than I thought it would be but DANG are hills tough. This is a great reminder that I’ve let myself go (ugh) and a wonderful challenge to get back into shape so I can ride farther distances and with all three kids in the bucket. Here’s to a healthier and EXTREMELY FUN 2016 to come in our new Madsen!

Bucket Bike Boys


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