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I’m the sort that gets overly excited about Christmas. We don’t do lavish or extravagant gift giving in our household but we DO decorate to the hilt, watch Christmas movies for a month straight, bake and eat lots of cookies and really celebrate the love our family shares. It’s pretty much the best.

I’ve been in a crafting rut for a while now but the Christmas season always gets me energized and ready to make again.  I’m currently focused on making Christmas ornaments. We die young in my family (whomp whomp) and I never met my grandmother and lost my mother almost a decade ago now… but each Christmas I pull out ornaments that they made, hang them on my tree and immediately feel that connection to them. It’s amazing. So, I’ve been reworking some ornaments I made in years past and also crafting up some new ones to keep the tradition alive. I’ve been having a lot of fun needle felting and seeing where that takes me. Some of the ornaments I’ve listed/sold in my ETSY shop, some I’ve kept for our family, and some I’m still undecided on what to do with but it feels really good to be creating again. Here are some I worked on last night….

This little cardinal was initially plain but I had a friend contact me about turning it into a “baby’s first Christmas” ornament by putting a green “1” on the chest. Got it finished up last night and will be delivering it next week.



I also made this cozy little bear. Full disclosure: I started out trying to make a dog but it looked SO JACKED UP that I turned it into a bear to save it, haha. Trying to mimic specific breeds of dogs in felt is hard ya’ll.





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