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So, I’m a Hospitalbody

The past week has been a whirlwind. I’ve learned all sorts of new words and phrases… like Kocher Criteria, Kingella, Osteomyelitis, and Septic Arthritis. Get ready to get paranoid young mamas because did YOU know that a baby could get a serious infection in either their bones, joints or muscles from a head cold? NEITHER DID I!?


This poor pumpkin completely lost the use of his left leg on Saturday and after what felt like days of diagnostics he had surgery on Sunday night to drain two separate infection sites in his leg (the knee joint and in the muscle surrounding his femur). We had several additional issues like IV ports failing and trouble waking up/breathing after the anesthesia (which was scary as hell for me but apparently is pretty common)  but he’s handled it all like a boss. He was released from the hospital on Tuesday evening and as of this morning is even walking a tiny bit. He still has almost a month of multiple antibiotics to go but his infectious disease team and orthopedic surgeons are all super positive about his recovery. To say I am thankful is an understatement. If you really want to be humbled try hanging out in a Children’s hospital for a few days. So many of those kids and their parents are heros and nothing short of it. I broke down many times in the elevators after overhearing stories of other parents and seeing children in transport between services. It’s amazing what you can learn in a 60 second elevator ride. These families just emanated strength and faith like I’ve never seen and quite frankly I don’t think I would be capable of doing the same.

So if you have kiddos, hug them extra tight today. I know I will.

PS – Shout out to Dr. Creech in the infectious disease department at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital. Once you quoted Public Enemy lyrics I was 100% sure we were in the right hands.


2 thoughts on “So, I’m a Hospitalbody

  1. My uncle had osteomyelitis when he was young. In a lot of his childhood pictures, he’s on crutches with braces, or being wheeled about in a Radio Flyer. It can be a scary thing, no kidding. Thankfully, it’s much more easily treated nowadays. So happy to hear that the little one is on the road to recovery!

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