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My initial challenge to myself this year was to costume all three kids for $30.00 or less (not including items I already had on hand). Seemed pretty reasonable.

Since my three year old is ever so slightly obsessed with Tinker Bell I thought that a DIY Tink, Peter Pan and Captain Hook would be a fun group look to try to achieve. We actually lucked out though and our daughter was gifted a Tinker Bell dress and wings for her birthday (score!) so my challenge was amended to creating two costumes for $20.00 or less. I think it turned out pretty well (in fact, the kids won a costume contest for “best sibling costumes”)! Plus, my total paid for both costumes was a meager $11.92. Woohoo!!! If you’d like to know more you can check out the details for each of the DIY costumes by clicking on the links below the image.

Tinker Bell Peter Pan and Hook





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