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Materials and Budget

Red Shirt $2.49 – Goodwill

White Turtleneck $1.99 – Goodwill

Pirate Hat $5.45 – Phillips Toy Mart

Pajama Pants $0.00 – On Hand

Face Paint $0.00 – On Hand

Felt, White Fabric and Thread $0.00 – On Hand

Total Costume Cost = $9.93

Honestly, this costume was a breeze. For the jacket I purchased a long sleeve red shirt that was about two sizes too big, cut a line up the middle of the front of the shirt and rolled up the sleeves. Voila! To make the ruffle shirt I purchase a white turtleneck, bunched up a scrap piece of white satiny fabric that I had in my craft bin and hand sewed one line down the middle of it to keep it in place… and the pants were just burgundy PJ pants that we already owned. We slapped on a hat and a face paint mustache and called it a day! (I also hand sewed a little hook using some felt but my guy refused to carry it)

If you left out the hook, this would have been an almost no-sew costume that would take a total of about 5 minutes to make. Easy peasy.



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