I have stopped using shampoo and conditioner and I love it.

Let me start off by saying that there is no one way to “no-poo” your hair. I won’t bore you with the array of options out there (that’s what the rest of the internet is for!) but I will let you know what has worked for me.

Short Version:

The Wash – Lather hair with a bar of peppermint castile soap. Rinse completely out with water.

The Rinse – Spray down hair with a mixture of Apple Cider Vinegar and Water (1 part ACV to 1 part water), work into hair and scalp and rinse completely out with water.

The Result – Shiny hair that dries faster, holds style better and has less frizz.  In fact, there is a good chance you will see me walking around like this I feel so fancy…


Long Version:

I am painfully cheap. Embarrassingly so at times. I knew I wanted to ditch the parabens and sulfates of my normal shampoo to try out a castile soap based hair wash instead… but the bottles of liquid castile soap, Dr. Bronner’s at least, were craaaaazy expensive in my opinion. Alternatively, a bar of Dr. Bronner’s is only four bucks. Bingo! I started out by converting that bar into liquid castile soap since I had it lodged in my mind that you just HAD to use the liquid soap. It was effective… but I found myself using more than I really thought should be necessary just to get a good lather in my hair and it dawned on me quite quickly that there was a zero effort method that I was completely overlooking. Just rub the dang bar on your head! I’ve never used shampoo bars before so initially this was an odd tactile experience but I overcame it quickly. The facts that it takes literally no prep. time and will be easily transportable when I travel really appeal to me. One could use any bar of castile soap, but I chose the peppermint soap because the scent is invigorating and a wonderful pick me up first thing in the morning.

As far as a rinse, I filled a spray bottle with 1/2 ACV and 1/2 water and left it in the shower to be used anytime I wash my hair. After washing with the castile soap and rinsing it out with water I simply saturate my hair with the ACV solution (FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD AVOID YOUR EYES. It stings) work it into my hair and scalp for a few moments with my finger tips and then rinse clean with water. That’s it! And don’t worry, that vinegar smell dissipates quickly.

I have read a lot of accounts online where people tried a routine similar to that above and either loved or hated it. I think a lot has to do with your particular hair type (mine is thick, course and frizzy) and your expectations but this has really worked well for me. I’ve been doing it for about two weeks and considering the ease, the frugality and the fact that I really am pleased with the results I expect to keep doing it for the foreseeable future.

A few tips:

  • At first I wasn’t 100% thrilled with the results. There were areas of my hair (particularly behind my ears) that felt and looked greasy and limp. After some reflection, I realized that was because I was not fully saturating my hair with the vinegar rinse. At my next hair washing I paid extra attention to those areas and made absolutely sure that I hit them with the vinegar. It solved the problem immediately.
  • If you’re REALLY lazy like me then you will also appreciate the fact that everything serves multiple uses while you wash your hair. That castile soap lather doubles as a great body wash and… wait for it… THE ACV RINSE WILL CLEAN YOUR SHOWER FOR YOU. BOOM! After each shower I just spray a little of the vinegar on my shower curtain and it literally cuts through the soap scum and washes off with water. I know I can’t be the only person to do this… but I did feel like a genius when I first realized that vinegar was the prime component of my homemade shower cleaner so I might as well just do this instead. A true lazy girl light bulb moment.

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