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Do the words “lotus head” strike fear into your heart? Me too.

I think it is safe to say that I have at least some degree of trypophobia (fear of holes). Frankly, I don’t see how it is possible not to. Just do one Google image search of the word and try not to vomit. I dare you… but seriously if you click on that link you will regret it. I am still haunted by a photoshopped image I saw in college titled “larvae nipple”. If you know what I am talking about then YOU KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT. I didn’t eat for days after viewing it and I still get sick even thinking about it. Ugh.

At any rate, I recently discovered that I was going to have to face my fear head on in the garden. This is the first year we have planted sunflowers and it’s time to harvest the seeds. Although it’s not exactly the same thing in that there are no holes, popping the seeds out of a sunflower head gives me the same hot, heavy, nauseated feeling in my stomach that looking at a lotus head does. It’s something about one small body protruding from another body that just… yeah. Horrid to me.

Sunflower seeds

However, in the name of personal growth and attempting to be a teeny-tiny bit more self reliant I pressed on. We harvested and roasted about two gallons of seeds in total and it wasn’t quite as awful as I feared it would be. Below is a short clip of what it looked like to pop some of the seeds out.


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