I have come to the unsettling realization that I am in my mid-thirties. Although this means different things to different people when it comes to how they dress, for me it means I need to start dressing “age appropriate” without completely losing my sense of self. Unfortunately, I am a self-confessed former spooky kid so I don’t feel like I come from a great place in terms of fashion sense to begin with.  

What do you mean Demonia boots aren’t work appropriate?

not so much


My formative years were spent dressed like a total turd and I’ve been trying to recover from it ever since. That darker aesthetic still really appeals to me however, so reconciling all of this into one cohesive and appropriate style is really difficult. After extensive research *cough*mindlessly browsing Pinterest for several months*cough* I have come to the conclusion that everything I am looking for can be wrapped up in one designer… Eileen Fisher. She must be a magician because her clothes are tailored enough to look polished, flowy enough to cover the sweet mom bod that giving birth to three kids in less than two years has given me, and there is just something damn edgy looking about her simple neutral pieces. See? HOW DO YOU MAKE A CREAM COLORED SWEATER EDGY LOOKING?! (I stand by my magician conclusion)



Another thing that I appreciate about her designs is that they are idiot proof. This really appeals to me. One could create an entire capsule wardrobe out of just her pieces since they ALL GO TOGETHER. I often run into an issue where I will find and purchase something I really love and then no matter how hard I try I just can’t get it to look quite right with anything else that I own. She calls this ability to mix and match “The System” and damned if it isn’t fantastic…

The System


Now comes the reality check. I have three kids, a husband and one income. At this current stage in my life there is just no way I can justify $300.00 for a sweater or $220.00 for a tank top. However, now knowing that THIS is what I have been looking for I can look for items on sale and also attempt to find similar pieces by other companies at lower prices.


So what is your post-30 style? Tell me all about it!


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