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Let’s just ignore the fact that I have been gone for the past two years now shall we? Good. Now that we have that out of the way let’s talk playhouses.


With three littles running (or crawling) around it finally dawned on Martin and I that we needed a place to put them. A fun place. A comfortable place. A place where they could scream and throw toys in delight without giving us a migraine. They needed….. A PLAYHOUSE. Although we came to the same conclusion we each had our own vision of what that meant. To me, I envisioned scouring the web for a good deal on a well-loved and beaten up plastic playhouse that we could just pop out in the yard and eventually give away when the time came. To Martin it meant building a one of a kind masterpiece, complete with electricity, that would be a safe and attractive place for our children to play for years to come. Martin rarely does anything half-assed. Martin’s vision won. 

Quite a bit of the house was made from reclaimed materials. Not so much because it was the fashionable or responsible thing to do but because it was the ECONOMICAL one. Which reminds me of a sign at the local hardware store…  playhouse sign

Needless to say we went the “cheap good” route and so it was not necessarily a fast process. I think start to finish it took just over four weeks to complete once he had drawn up the design. A lot of that time was spent finding the materials. Although we did purchase quite a bit, through craigslist and various neighborhood groups we were able to track down free wood, shingles and nails which really helped to keep the cost down. If you try to tackle a project like this I HIGHLY recommend spending some time browsing your area’s “free” section on craigslist. There are often (at least in Nashville) all sorts of building materials and paint that you could put to good use in your plan.



In the end, I think it was a lot of the little things that make this house really special. He painted the porch ceiling “haint blue” which is a southern tradition I had never even heard of until this summer. Also, he was able to find a great deal on tiny working windows with screens built in so that there can always be a cross-breeze while inside playing. It really is a magical place.





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