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DIY Halloween 2013

Since last year Baby L was too little for me to really do Halloween for her, this year I knew we had to celebrate! Since I am a fan of horrid puns, I decided to dress her up as Lillie (Willie) Nelson. We were able to utilize clothes that were already a part of her wardrobe, like a black shirt and jeans, and I made her a yarn wig for those unmistakable braids. A little grease paint beard and here you have it…

Lillie Nelson

To make the yarn wig I used the tutorial found HERE at the Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy craft blog and I made a few lazy-mom adjustments. The main difference is that I just hot glued the hair down instead of sewed it in place. It looks MUCH better if you sew it as shown in the tutorial but I really didn’t want to pull out my sewing machine the day I made it. I also hot glued the bandana in place. Pretty simple and pretty silly!


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