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Baby L’s Rainbow Themed First Birthday Party


We did it! We made it a whole year!

After perusing Pinterest like a crazy person for over SIX MONTHS (I should be ashamed to admit this) I got a ton of rainbow themed ideas for Baby L’s first birthday party. In previous posts you saw the tutu, onesie and headband that I crafted for the big day and here little miss is in all her poofy rainbow glory…




I also enlisted the help of Martin to create the “ONE” seen in the picture below. I wish I could claim that it was my idea (or that we were apart of some radical political campaign as one of our neighboors thought when she saw the sign in the yard sans balloons) but alas, I stole the idea from this post as found on Pinterest.



We managed to keep the party relatively small and inexpensive. Her outfit was made from crafting materials that I already had on hand, the “ONE” was made from spare wood and paint that we had in the shed, and the food was kept to a minimum and was purchased within the constraints of our normal monthly food budget. That’s probably the part I am most excited about since in my head we were going to spend a ton on food. We served appetizers/snacks consisting of chips, dip, cut up veggies, fruit, cheese, brownies and mini quiche (just quiche baked into cupcake trays) and the other little rainbow specific special touches were achieved with inexpensive balloons, and computer print outs. I call that a win!

And although she apparently did NOT inherit my sweet tooth and couldn’t have cared less about her cake, I made her a rainbow cake from scratch using these Martha Stewart cake and frosting recipes. The cake was easy and turned out well. My only suggestion would be when it comes to the frosting to pay special care to use confectioners sugar WITHOUT cornstarch. Most confectioners sugars use cornstarch to prevent caking and to me, they always taste horrible and kind of metallic. The sugar I used was from Whole Foods and used tapioca starch instead and had a clean, sweet, mellow flavor.



All and all I would say it was a wonderful day! I can’t wait to see what the next year will hold for our little family.



3 thoughts on “Baby L’s Rainbow Themed First Birthday Party

    1. No but I wish I did now that you ask! My husband whipped it up one afternoon and I wasn’t around for most of it. I believe he cut them out of plywood with a jigsaw and then screwed it into a 2×4 base and I painted it.

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