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Citrus Lane Review – September 2013

(Fair warning up front… all of the links to Citrus Lane below are “Referral links” meaning if you use them and then sign up for their service both you and I will get $10.00 off.)

I’ve been curious about Citrus Lane ever since I first heard about it. I can get something in the mail on a monthly basis that ISN’T a bill? HOORAY!

Although it is technically a subscription service, I wasn’t sure that I was going to want a new monthly commitment up front… so I signed up, paid for my first box and then immediately canceled my subscription. This would ensure that I would get my first box, but not be charged monthly going forward until I decided to sign back up. Although I am sure this is not how Citrus Lane would prefer their subscribers to handle things… they made it remarkably easy to do, which I appreciate. I know it might be kind of petty, but as you really don’t know what you are going to receive I wanted to make sure it was REALLY worth it to me and my family before I took the $25.00 per month plunge.

Sooooo, I just received that first box yesterday, and here is what I received in it! (This is the September 2013 box – for a 12 month old girl)

Charley Harper 123s
Charley Harper 123s Board Book from AMMO Books – Retail Price $9.95
We really enjoy books in our household so this was a nice inclusion. Charley Harper’s art is modern, saturated with color and very accessible for kids. We already have the Charley Harper ABCs book and even though some of the art was rehashed in this book, it will be nice to have the set.



Playful Wash and Soothing Cream from Episencial – Retail Price $20.00
Ok, so I appreciate earthy-crunchy-ness as much as the next person but COME.ON. I was immediately irritated by these products just by looking at them. The string of girl scout badge-esque eco-accolades on the back of each bottle irked me. Gluten Free! Vegan! Made from Solar Power! Recycled! SHUT UP. I’m all for products being natural and not tested on animals and sure, I agree with a lot of what their mission seems to be on the surface, but after reading all of this crap my eyes start to cross and I just start reading it as, “Hey Idiot! If you use any other product besides ours not only will your child die but you are a horrible human being and are killing the Earth which sustains you”.

I decided to give the products a fair shot however so we used them at last night’s bath time. I liked both. The wash lathered well, rinsed clean and smelled nice. The lotion was nothing special, but it also smelled nice and when Baby L woke up this morning her skin was soft and her hair seemed extra shiny. On one hand, it is nice to receive a whole bath set and get to really see the full impact of using both products… on the other hand; I would have liked a bit more variety in the box instead of two products from the same company. I’m kind of torn on this one.


Julep Color

Nail Color from Julep – Retail Price $14.00
This was a little gift for mom. It is kind of funny that this was included because last week was the first time since Baby L’s birth that I have been able to sit down and actually paint my nails. That’s right… I haven’t had 20 minutes to devote to just myself in a year. PARENTHOOD!

The color is a deep brownish burgundy and seems like it will be perfect for fall. Their products are free of all of the more scary ingredients that often go into nail polish (like formaldehyde) so I won’t feel too bad when the kiddo gnaws on my fingers while wearing it. Although it is a tiny bottle and I would personally never pay $14.00 for it, I think it was a nice addition to the box.


Hape Toys Tiger

Baby Tiger from Hape Toys – Retail Price $12.50 (I have seen it online anywhere from $4.99 to $19.99)
This was my favorite part of this month’s box. I love, love, love it! The tiger graphic is super cute, the wheels roll easily, and the wee one took to it immediately. I can safely say that this is the one product from this box that I would 100% buy on my own and that I will be browsing other Hape Toys products when we start looking to buy Christmas gifts this year. Hape Toys are also “eco-friendly” and made from sustainable materials… but they manage to do it without being as god awfully annoying as the Episencial products. I give this one two thumbs up for sure!

So the real question…. Is a Citrus Lane subscription worth it? All told the retail value of the contents of this box added up to $56.45 (which is well above the $25.00 monthly subscription cost) but since I would never dream of paying the retail prices for some of these products I found the value somewhat debatable. What DID make it worth it to me however, was the fact that I used coupon code TAKEHALF when I signed up and only paid $12.50 for my box. At that price, I feel it was a fantastic deal!

I am more than likely going to wait a few months and then sign up again. I have the feeling that as the kids age, the contents of the boxes become more and more fun. When I get my next box I will review, reassess and see if a monthly subscription is in our future.

What did you get in your Citrus Lane box this month? Did you feel it was a good deal?


2 thoughts on “Citrus Lane Review – September 2013

  1. Loved your review. I too partook in the citrus lane half off deal this month. I’m happy with my box (for 6 month old boy), the contents of which are almost exactly the same. We received only one of the Episencial items; the playful wash. Instead of that cute rolling tiger we got a skip hop owl stroller toy. I like it, we’ll see if E is interested. And we got a little sample pouch of some food for baby. Its dehydrated sweet potato and banana. It says water, breast milk, or formula can be used to mix into a puree. I love the Charlie Harper book!

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