A Very Rainbow First Birthday – The Outfit

And things keep moving along in preparation of Baby L’s first birthday party! In addition to the headband that I made in my last post, I have also made a rainbow tutu (cliché and I don’t even care) and a onesie to go along with it (well, I didn’t MAKE the onesie but I “decorated” it).


I suppose the idea of making her outfit is a little silly and unneccessary, especially for a working Momma with almost no free time, but this is the sort of thing my mother always did for me growing up. She baked and decorated all of our birthday cakes herself. She handmade most of our Halloween costumes. She put love and hard work into everything that she did for us and I kind of feel a little bit closer to her and her memory attempting to do things in the same vein. So in that way, as unnecessary as it may seem, it is quite important to me.


At any rate, there approximately five-jillion tutu tutorials available with the help of Google, so I won’t bog you down with the specifics. Suffice to say, it is a quick, sew free craft and I like the way that mine turned out. For the onesie I simply took a onesie and some felt that I already had on hand, cut out a number “1” and then hand sewed it in place. Considering the fact that the onesie is probably the only item I can count on her not pulling off of her body during the party, I think the ten minutes and $0.00 that went into making it were well spent!


Rainbow Tutu


I love this kiddo more than words can express, and I can’t wait to shower her with my own brand of goofy love and affection on her big day.






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