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Rainbow Flower Headband

Since I am living vicariously through my kid (and let’s be honest, who isn’t) I decided that “she wanted” a rainbow themed first birthday party. We are broke new parents and the figures I have seen on average first birthday party costs are ludicrous, so the whole ordeal is going to be small and mostly handmade. Although chances are that Baby L will keep the outfit that I make for her on for all of 30 seconds… I have decided to make a rainbow tutu and flower headband for her to wear for her big day. If I even get one picture of her wearing either I will be thrilled!

Today I am working on her headband. I followed the tutorial seen here that I found on Pinterest. As I am making her tutu out of tulle, I used that same tulle for the flowers.


I also used smaller ribbon than they called for since this is for a tiny head.


I think it turned out pretty well! I’ll be making similar items in the future for sure since this is my favorite kind of craft, quick and super easy!


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