Wool Soaker – Cloth Diapering

Before I even found out I was pregnant we had already decided to use cloth diapers when the need arose. I did a lot of research and basically found out that cloth diapering can be as cheap (or expensive) as you decide to make it. We’re pretty thrifty so we found a few ways to keep our costs down while accumulating all of the necessary supplies. Although the fancy AIOs (All In Ones) were both awesomely cute and convenient sounding, we decided to go the less expensive route by purchasing prefolds and diaper covers (if anyone is ever interested in hearing more about cloth diapering let me know and I’d be happy to write out all I know).

One cool thing we found out is that local diaper service, Smile Mommy Diaper Service, offers gently used prefolds, doublers and cloth wipes at an INSANELY discounted rate. We bought the majority of our supplies from them at a fraction of what it would have cost to get the same commercial grade supplies elsewhere. We ordered most of our diaper covers through (we chose the Thirstees brand Duo Wraps as they had been very highly recommended at a cloth diapering seminar that we went to), and I wound up making a few wool soakers myself! I got the free pattern for the wool soaker from Lion Brand Yarn’s website. You can find the pattern HERE (but please note that you will need to set up an account with them in order to access the free patterns – only takes a minute though!). They were easy enough to make, but a bit tedious for a novice knitter. I did enjoy making the ribbing however. I didn’t know how that was done before I did this pattern and was pretty excited to learn how! At any rate… here is one of the finished soakers.





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