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Nuring Cover – Tutorial

So, I found this great nursing cover tutorial on Pintrest and I thought I would give it a go. For someone more experienced with sewing I am sure this would have taken all of 15 minutes to complete (after all, it’s just sewing a couple of straight lines right?!) but it took me the better part of the afternoon to finish mine. In my defense, not only am I a pretty novice seamstress but I also had to contend with breaking/dealing with a broken sewing machine during that time. So that’s not SO bad right?

At any rate, I am pretty pleased with the final product. I got to use a super cute fabric that has just been sitting around my house waiting to be used and I was able to make something for practically no money that would have easily cost me $30 – $50 in a store. What I like most about this design is the little piece of boning used at the top. It will make it a lot easier to check on my little one while he or she is nursing under the cover. Now all I’m missing is the baby! Hurry up little Max or Lillie… you can’t possibly have much more cooking to do!




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