Well Isn’t That Something

Ok, so obviously this blog has not been #1 on my priority list. Far from it actually. Although I did finish the skirt mentioned in my last post the very next day, I did not get an opportunity to take photos and/or write a post about it. I actually found myself being pretty run down that week and I soon found out why… the main thing my body had been working on crafting was a baby! I actually found out that I was pregnant just a few days after posting that.

So needless to say my last few months have been hectic (and exciting!). Although we have done many crafty things and DIY home improvement projects over the past eight months they have mainly been out of necessity. I never even thought about posting about the progress or making tutorials. I’ve just been so focused on trying to get it all done!

So at any rate, I AM going to attempt to start this puppy back up. It may take a turn in terms of the content (most likely more kiddo related stuff and photos to easily share with family) but my guess is that won’t really bother anyone since nobody reads this anyways… amiright?! Hah. I will still be posting the occasional tutorial or craftstravaganza however… so look out!

Max or Lillie (we decided not to find out the gender) should be here anytime within the next month or so. I’ve got a few tasks I would like to finish up before their arrival such as a nursing cover and a felted ball garland for the nursery and if/when I get them completed I’ll be sure to post about them. Until then, wish me luck! It’s going to be a crazy month 🙂


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