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Fun with “Found” Leather – a short tutorial

A few months ago I attended a craft swap and acquired a really nice scrap piece of leather from another crafter. It has been sitting in my craft closet just waiting for me to get  a little inspiration and today it finally came! Below is a quick and easy tutorial on how you can turn any scrap fabric into a fun little flower accessory. All you need is fabric, scissors, thread, a needle and a button!

First I started by cutting out three scalloped pieces of leather, each one slightly smaller than the last, and one long strip.

Next I stacked the scalloped pieces in descending size order to create the flower and topped it off with a vintage button. Although it was extremely difficult to do so, I hand sewed them all together simultaneously through the center of the flower. Just imagine that you are sewing a button on a single piece of fabric but pull your needle through all three pieces. With any other fabric, it will be significantly easier. The leather just happens to be a very unforgiving fabric.

Once the flower was entirely assembled I stitched it onto the long strip of leather that I cut earlier and easy as that, done! A cute, rustic little headband or necklace.


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