Wedding Craft – Peacock Style

This weekend I got to help a friend of mine celebrate her marriage in La Crosse, Wisconsin! Her theme was “peacock feathers” and the entire affair was awash in saturated teals, purples and greens. It was one of the most beautiful and colorful weddings I have ever had the honor of attending.

As an extra bonus, the bridal party got a chance to bond and craft fascinators and boutonnieres together for the wedding! I myself have been somewhat afraid to dive into the world of fascinators as I know MASTERS of fascinator creating (like Brittany of Potential Creations) and knew I would have a high standard to live up to! This was the push that I needed to at least give it a try however, and I was pleased with the end product.

Here are the results of our labors! I loved how different they all turned out. Each one reflected the personality of the person whom had created it which I really appreciated.

This is the one that I crafted for myself. It’s a little gaudy, but hey… SO AM I.

And here it is getting used on the Big Day!


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