Can’t Talk… Crafting

I have had the craft bug in me big time lately. I finally got my ETSY shop up and running and I have been spending time working on various other projects including hair accessories and my first commission piece (a bumble bee nursery mobile). Here is one of the little bee guys I have been working on…

Anyways, I hope to get a new tutorial up in the next few days on how to make felt flower hair accessories. They are fun, cheap and seriously easy to make. One even saved my fourth of July when I needed something red and white to go with my new blue dress! I was able to throw it together in about five minutes and you know what,  I love the stupid little thing.

Speaking of crafts, this weekend is especially exciting in the world of Nashville Crafters as Saturday, July 9th is the first ever Porter Flea! It is going to be an outdoor event featuring awesome Nashville crafters, clothing designers and artisans. It really gets me excited to know that there are so many talented people right here in the place I choose to call home and I can NOT wait to go and check it out. Lucky little bonus for me is that it is within walking distance of my house AND taking place right next door to my favorite coffee shop. Oh yes, it’s going to be a good morning.


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