Enter the Carb Monster

I LOVE bread. In fact, when I was 100 pounds heavier and a “junk food vegetarian” it was more or less all that I ate. I have reached a point in my life however in which I have had two realizations. The first is that I have to have the foods I love in moderation and the other is that if I am going to eat something, well it better be good. When applying these principles to my love affair with bread it made me think about the quality of what ate. In reality, most store bought breads are disgusting. Although they are convenient, the amount of preservatives in them is staggering. As one family member who works in a bread factory told me, even HE wouldn’t eat the bread that comes out of his facility. It sits out forever and doesn’t go bad… that’s not right!

So for the past few months I have been trying to find a bread recipe that will stand the test of time, be easy enough to throw together in a pinch, and be cheap, cheap, cheap! I know I was asking for a lot. All of the recipies that I have tried so far have come out fairly well but each was missing something. Either I couldn’t get the loaves to rise well enough, or the texture was off, or the breads were too sweet to use for sandwiches. But a couple of weeks ago I found THIS RECIPE which has satisfied all of my carby needs. I love the fact that it is a honest to God simple recipe. It only contains six ingredients and the chances are you already have most of them lying around the house. I also have a lot of vegan friends so I appreciate that there are no dairy products in it either.

I have pretty much decided that I am inept when it comes to properly kneading dough so when I make this recipe I simply throw all of the ingredients into my kitchenaid mixer and let the dough hook do the rest. Although the recipe says it yields 3 loaves I use larger bread pans and so it only yields 2 for me. When I analyze the costs, it winds up running me about $1.00 a loaf, which is great compared to the store bought breads that START around $2.00 each. All and all, I love this recipe. I’m still looking for a perfect wheat bread recipe however so if you have one I should try please let me know!


3 thoughts on “Enter the Carb Monster

  1. Alright, I’m sold! I will attempt to make bread….Guess I should finally bust out the dough hook. Thanks for the inspiration. xo

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