Disclaimer: I need to get higher resolution versions of these pictures. I know. Shut up about it.

Ok, so I am an avid reader of Regretsy which means at this point “whimsical” has pretty much become a four letter word to me. Be that as it may, the outside of our home is starting to become fairly whimsical itself and you know what? I love it.

Gardening used to scare me. It felt like too much of a high art form. For me to feel comfortable even attempting something in the garden I knew I was going to need to inject a little humor  into it first.

Exhibit A: Dead Gnome

We went to Germany in 2007 to help celebrate the marriage of my husband’s brother Henry and his beautiful bride Nicole. While there, Nicole’s father let me in on Germany’s dirty little secret. GARDEN GNOMES. Apparently they were somewhat of a plague at the time. As he himself hated the gnomes and had an amazing sense of humor, he described the giant murdered gnome that he had placed in the back of his yard. It was laying face down with a removable knife sticking out from it’s back. I immediately started the hunt for my own and finally wound up bringing this little fella home. He’s fairly small (he has a letter opener in his back, not a knife) but I love him and he lays near our veggie garden as a warning to any other gnomes who might try to make their way in.

Exhibit B: Giant Rooster

Technically this can not be blamed on me. This was my father’s fault. Several years ago he was visiting from Northern Virginia and he fell in love with this guy at the Nashville Flea Market. It was cheap (under $150.00 I think) and so he bought it and made an arrangement with the gentleman that he bought it from to have it shipped to him as soon as possible. That day never came. Turns out the cheapest shipping method he could find was around $600.00!  So his loss was our yard’s large, metal, goofey gain. The rooster is around 4 feet tall and comprised of rusted, metal oil drums from Mexico. He’s kind of a big deal.

Exhibit C: Tea Cup Birdbaths

We have two of these sweet little bird baths/feeders that were made for us as a wedding gift by some friends. Apparently they went through several drill bits trying to get them completed… and I am honored. They function as an unexpected little garden gem and so far people (and birds!) seem to really enjoy them. These seem like they would be a great upcycling project for any of you etsy-ers out there.


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