Digging Graves

We are getting ready to start our vegetable garden and I am SO EXCITED. A few weeks back we started some cooler weather crop seeds indoors but now the question is, where should we plant them? Currently, we have a 4 foot by 8 foot raised bed where we planted everything last year. My problems with it however are these…

1) It’s not nearly big enough for the amount of vegetables we would like to yield this year
2) Although it’s a decently tall raised bed, the ground beneath it is fairly hard and so I don’t think it is aerated enough
3) We built it too close to a privacy fence and so it does not get as much sun as I would like

The solution? DIG. Well, double dig actually. Although I do not know if this is the site that my husband used as a point of reference for how we went about getting the bed ready, it reads pretty true to what we did and it seems like a good resource. How to Double Dig

At the top of the post is a picture of the hole that he wound up digging (along with a little help from our friends of course!). It’s hard to tell from the picture but this thing is big! It seriously looked like we had been digging a grave in our backyard. I was (and still am) really hoping no people or pets go missing from our neighborhood anytime soon. If anyone was to have walked in our yard and seen this hole, we’d be prime suspects I’m sure! We filled the hole back in with a mixture of the soil we had removed, mushroom compost and mulch for drainage. We hope it will be an ideal environment for our veggies this year, but we’re still learning!


2 thoughts on “Digging Graves

    1. So far we have purple kale, walking stick kale and snap peas sprouted for the colder part of the spring and then we have several varieties of tomatoes, peppers and beans planned for the heat of summer. Hopefully they grow!.

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